Statements from the Managing Directors

What is special about modotex? How is your business model different from the competition?

Our USP is our special technology that creates product information including all relevant attributes in as many languages as you like within just one hour and uses this to generate retail offerings on sales platforms worldwide. It is due to this software that we have had a technological advantage over the competition for several years. modotex does not limit itself to individual sales channels, but works independently of and across all channels, which is unique.

How does your business model work?

Our business model is comparable to that of classic sales agencies that have existed in fashion retail for decades. However, we specialise in digital sales and can therefore sell our clients’ products all over the world on every digital sales channel the client wants. We are currently active on over 100 online marketplaces in Asia, America and Europe.

Wouldn’t your business model be easy to copy?

If you’re willing to invest six or seven years and around €24 million in capital on the work of top-quality staff as well as collect product data and attributes of around 10 million items from over 3,000 well-known, international designers. Then you have to sell the items on multiple marketplaces and sales platforms worldwide in order to gain experience in these areas. You also have to take all relevant legal aspects and cultural differences into consideration when it comes to international expansion.

Ralf Pöhler (Managing Director, Founder)
Jaime Vidal de Martinez (Managing Director, Founder)


Since 2007, we have been working for and with well-known fashion companies. We are an owner-operated, medium-sized enterprise that operates from one central office in Hanover. Earlier, we were one of the first multi-channel retailers in the fashion industry. Today we are the market leader for CrossCommerce – our own specially designed technology – which combines all processes such as product photography, online positioning, logistics, delivery and controlling. Our technological advantage is also your advantage. Find out more!

Links with over 100 sales platforms

Product descriptions in over 15 languages including Chinese, Russian and Japanese

Minimal time-to-market: Your products are positioned worldwide within 1 hour

You can tap into new markets and generate immediate turnover with no risks

Founders of the revolutionary technology Cross Commerce

With modotex you can reach up to 1,000+ million end customers worldwide

We bring your fashion products to where they are eagerly awaited, welcome and sell well.

Over 10 years experience in fashion e-commerce